Training & Development

Utility Sector Training and Education

Research published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills showed over a third of vacancies in water, electricity, gas and construction are now due to skills shortages. The age profile across the sector makes uncomfortable reading with some estimates suggesting one third of the workforce could retire by 2025.

Population growth is the key demographic change that will affect this sector. It is projected that by 2040 the population is to surge by nearly 10 million (15%), placing increased demand on our water, oil and gas resources. The Apprenticeship Levy being introduced in the UK this year (2017) requires all employers operating, with a payroll of over £3 million, to invest in apprenticeships.

Considering all these factors, the need for high quality staff training, education and development programs has never been greater.

Training and Development

Esat Smyth Consulting

At Esat Smyth Consulting we believe in delivering high quality training solutions designed specifically to meet the client’s needs, as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ package offered by many training providers.

All our trainers have extensive industry background, are experienced educators and have a passion for developing fellow professionals in their industries.

Esat Smyth Consulting offers Training, Education and Development Services in:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Effective training or development depends on knowing what is required for the individual, the department and the organisation as a whole. With limited budgets and the need for cost-effective value-added solutions, all organisations need to ensure that the resources invested in training are targeted at areas where training and development is needed and a positive return on the investment is guaranteed.
ILM Leadership & Management
Award, Certificate and Diploma, adapted specifically to reflect the industry and designed to meet the client’s needs. Modular programs delivered by skilled trainers with significant management experience, seek to give clients the knowledge and skills to be a great leader. Courses can vary from a two day Award through to a one year Diploma designed specifically for the industry in which the client operates.
Level 3 Industry Awards
A Trailblazer Apprenticeship Program is designed by employers working together to design new standards for occupations within their sectors. Employers are now at the forefront of the development of apprenticeships and learning; producing professionals with workplace skills relevant to their industry. Esat Smyth Consulting provide teaching staff with specific experience of passing on specialist knowledge, gained from a lifetime in industry, to apprentices just beginning their career journey.
Level 4 Certificate/HNC in Water Operations
A third level qualification providing an overview of the whole industry at operational and management level. While learners are taught engineering processes (e.g. Water Treatment) the aim of the course is to encourage them to critically evaluate systems and think like a manager in each subject area.  Delivered by our skilled associate consultants in partnership with various large educational providers across the UK and Ireland.
Coaching and Mentoring
Today, an increased number of businesses in every industry are embracing the concept of mentoring as a professional development tool. Through mentoring, organisations are witnessing significant improvements in efficiency, productivity and the passing of institutional knowledge and leadership skills from one generation to the next. We believe mentoring is a key element for development and retention of our client’s talent, ensuring sustainability of the industry serving the customers we all care about.