Consultancy Service

Many leading consultancies claim to provide enhancement, reliability, efficiencies and world-class performance. However, at Esat Smyth Consulting we focus on the people behind the process while helping our clients’ achieve the most cost effective and industry leading outcomes. Our consultancy offers bespoke and tailored services which strive to simplify complex and difficult processes to get at the heart of the client’s needs. The philosophy underpinning the business is to serve a small group of clients exceptionally, developing long term partnerships between ourselves and the organisations we advise.


In practice, this philosophy means we only take work which we are convinced we can realise measurable success and profitability for our clients. As we want to develop long term relationships, our consultants do more than deliver short term wins, they focus on sustainable achievement so the performance continues long after we leave. In transferring ownership of the solution, we work to elevate and empower employees with a capacity and ambition for continuous improvement.

Sustainable Solutions

Esat Smyth Consulting cares about sustainability and uses impact approaches such as the Pareto Principle to produce a positive overall effect, aiming to utilise only 20% of the inputs to produce a greater than 80% benefit realisation for the client.  This will give a more economic and sustainable approach to maximise effectiveness and acceleration in progress to be more immediate in delivering the client’s vision and key objectives, keeping the challenges and risks in check.

Skilled Professionals

Esat Smyth Consulting brings together exceptional utility sector professionals with varied industry experience and backgrounds, united in the pursuit of excellence. Each of our consultants brings skills and experience which has been successfully applied in a variety of situations. However, they have also seen what does not work and learned the hard way that theory does not always translate into practice. We will build your team’s core capabilities seek to embed a desire to be exceptional.

Vision to Reality

Once a vision is clarified, our consultants will carry out an honest and impartial assessment of the ‘as is’ position of an organisation. When the current and desiered positions are clear, our consultants will work with the client to plot the most appropriate path from vision to reality. Our expert team can provide specialist advice on projects from multi-utility infrastructure, large civil engineering contracts, operational management, organisational restructuring, environmental and customer service development.